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  • The Horn Basics (5 videos)
  • Daily routines and warm up (8 videos)
  • Advanced Exercises (15 videos)
  • Instrument Talk (Feat. Gebr. Alexander)
  • German Hornsound Talk (various topics)
  • Special: Robert Schumann's Concert Piece
  • All videos with English subtitles
  • More than 80 videos in total

The Feature Highlights

The German Hornsound Masterclass is a comprehensive collection of knowledge, all about "the soul of the orchestra", the French horn. Divided into several sections, the following content awaits you:


In the course you can expect about 35 individual videos with the members of German Hornsound. After a one hour warm up, the daily basics and the basics of horn playing, all aspects of horn playing up to special topics like plugging, arranging, intonation, relaxation exercises and more will be discussed.

About the French Horn

Even among seasoned horn players, certain "myths" about the "soul of the orchestra" persist. We have asked and discuss together with Hans Herrmann and Reimund Pankratz from Gebr. Alexander all interesting aspects of instrument construction, development, selection, care, customization and more.

GHS - Horn Talk

The members of German Hornsound at the round table. How was the ensemble founded? What were and are the challenges? How do new projects come about? How are concerts prepared? How do you deal with stress?

These and other topics will be discussed in the two-hour ensemble section.


Technically, the piece makes great demands on all four soloists, because not only the high horns (the first and third horn) play demanding passages, but also the two lower ones. After more than 30 performances, the four horn players of German Hornsound give an insight into the theoretical and practical approach to this special work.

Prof. Carsten Duffin

The GHS Academy offers the ambitious hobby horn player as well as the advanced student many interesting and helpful tips about horn playing.
All aspects of horn playing are highlighted, from instrument care, to MRT pictures of the impetus, to quartet playing. In my opinion, a great addition to our instrument and the dissemination of sound knowledge and guidance.

Solo hornist of the Bavarian Radio Orchestra and professor for horn at the University of Music Munich

For ensembles and solo instrumentalists

Over eight hours of compressed knowledge from the field. By musicians for musicians. With sheet music and accompanying discussion rounds.

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